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Student Enrollment Information

WM Irvin Elementary School
 Student Enrollment Information

Enrollment Website


We are glad you are considering enrolling at WM Irvin Elementary School!


 Enrollment Information

Below is the documentation required from each new student planning to enroll at WM Irvin Elementary School:


  • Photo Identification of Parent/Legal Guardian (sources may include NC Driver's License or ID, Matricula Consular, Work Authorization Card, Border Crossing Card, Permanent Resident Card, Passport, Visitor's Visa)


  • Proof of Domicile (Two sources- one from each source)


          Source 1:   Deed, lease, or property tax statement showing the property is owned or rented by you and is within the school's boundaries.

          Source 2:  Current driver's license, motor vehicle registration with correct address or current statement (e.g. bank statement, utility bill, or Medicaid card) with correct address


  • Child's Birth Certificate with Parent Name(s)


  • Child's Immunization Records (Students who do not have this medical information completed 30 days following the start of school will not be allowed to attend until the requirements are met)
    • Legal Guardianship Papers (only required if student is residing with someone other than a parent listed on the birth certificate)


  • Kindergarten:  Kindergarten Physical

If the parent/legal guardian does not own or rent the property where the family resides, the property owner/renter with whom the family is residing MUST come to the school to sign a notarized form stating that the family is residing with them and to show their proof of domicile (see above). The parent/legal guardian will also need to provide a North Carolina Driver's License or North Carolina I.D. showing the current address.  If you are having difficulty with the enrollment process or have questions not addressed here, please contact our Data Manager, Alice Brunnhoelzl, at or 704-260-6330.